Mindset to a GirlBOSS ✨

Hi I'm Denise, I am 26 years old and 2 years ago I got this crazy idea of creating a brand that designs active-wear for petite women. It took me 2 years of savings, researching and more researching and a lot of failures to finally launch.


( Just in case you are wondering my background, oldest out of four, worked in engineering 3 years. Oh and my parents think that what I'm doing is crazy 😜)

And here is what I have learned!👇


Launching Lovely Fit Yoga has been a mental game for me. I have had days that I feel I'm conquering the world and I have days where I feel I take 10 steps backwards. I soon realized that I had to become my own cheerleader🤸‍♀️  because only I understood my goals, my passions so I had to get my brain/thoughts aligned to my goals.


I've been currently reading " What To Say When You Talk To Your Self" by Shad Helmstetter and it has helped me detox the thoughts that don't align with where I want to take Lovely Fit Yoga and the kind of wife/sister/daughter I  want to be. 


Tips to Train Your Mindset 👇

🍉 As soon as you catch yourself saying something negative about yourself IMMEDIATELY replace it with something positive. 

For example "I'm so fat and clothes looks so ugly on me" how about saying "I enjoy eating healthy and my body is getting healthier and stronger." ( it takes practice so don't get frustrated with yourself )

🍭 Journal your dreams and goals in the morning. It's so easy to forget about our goals and dreams once #adulting hits us. That is why writing them in the morning is important because it's our daily reminder of what we want to achieve whether it be becoming healthier or launching a business or as simple as becoming a better human.

🍟 Improve who you are, and by that same law, you will improve your life.