Our Story


Hey guys I would love to send you a WARM & COZY welcome hug!

Lovely Fit Yoga (LFY) is a brand that represents us petite babes, that empowers us to feel confident and strong!
When you put on the  yoga pants I want you to stand up straight and confident knowing that you are strong, beautiful and PERFECT!
I want you to appreciate how beautiful life is, to realize how beyond blessed you are and most importantly I want you to take control of your life and become that healthy & happy chic you are!

Goal & Mission:
Our goal as a company is to make a difference in the world.
We believe every kid is a precious gift from God and it's our responsibility to share the good news! Our mission is to help out kids in other countries have a warm meal and clean clothes daily! Wanna help?

Meet the Founder:
Let me share a bit about my adventures here on planet Earth!

1992 : I became a global citizen
 ( 3 younger brothers later ... yes I'm the only girl )
2014 : Graduated with bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering
2015 : Got to wear a white dress & say "I do" to my favorite human
2017 : The idea of creating LFY came to me.
2018 : Said "Adios" to working for an Engineering company

My favorite food : T-A-C-O-S 
Height : 4'11"
Favorite Color : Mustard Yellow 
Gratitude walks are my FAV!
  - Denise Balandrano