Master of the Selfie & Mirror Selfie 🤳

Mara Bollmann


Mara is a  fashion icon & master in selfies!  so we were SO😁  excited to hear her advice and can't wait to see what you think!

She’s giving us 3 quick tips to nail your Summer look in 2019 — both fun trends and timeless styles. 

BTW I think we can all agree that selfies  🤳 aren't as easy as it seems. You got the lighting, the angle, the pose, the outfit do I have to keep going??

Height - 5'0"

Size - Small


Summer Must's Have with Mara 👇

👙 Favorite Spot to get cute swimsuits: Target

🍧 3 Must things to take with you to the beach: Sunblock, Lip Balm, Water!

💃 Favorite print on skirts for the summer: Floral 



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