Petite Fashion Tips!



My name is Charlie, I will let you know right now I am 4’10". Yes, I really am that short.

That's not all that I am though. I am also a graduate of Arizona State University, a writer, a blogger, and currently living out one of my biggest dreams to live near the beach. I currently reside in San Diego, California and as always am constantly looking for what's next.

 Why Do I LOVE Being Petite?

 1. Shopping in the Kids Section

My Adidas sneakers, some of my college gear and other expensive items have been purchased in the kid's section to save money. And the older I get the more I embrace this particular perk of being under 5 feet tall.

2. I never have to worry about my heels being too tall

I can wear the tallest heels I own and still look short compared to the guys and even my other girlfriends so embrace this, wear the heels and never over think it if you are short.

3. I am always going to look younger than I am

Who wants to be confused with a 12-year-old at 17? However, as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to embrace the fact that I am always going to look a few years younger than I am. People always said I would be thankful for it someday and I guess that someday may finally be here.

4. I am a cheap date

This isn’t a bad thing. Whether it’s me paying for my own food and drinks or going out with my boyfriend and being able to drink half as many cocktails as him, this is kind of a joke and kind of not because it’s actually much more of an advantage than a lot of people realize.  So yes, I laugh about it as a joke but it’s also one of my favorite things in the world.

5. It's part of who I am

Over the years being petite has not only shaped my personality but made me into who I am today. I am feisty, a little fierce and a whole lot of sassy in a little package but all of these things are what have led me to this person I am at 23 and I like that person. Without being petite I don’t think I would be the same person.  

Fashion tips

Fashion Tips All Petite Girls Should Know !!

This is my bread and butter. It’s hard to dress well sometimes when finding clothes that fit is such a challenge but don’t worry as with so many things there are tips and tricks that I will share with you to make things easier and have you feeling your best.

1. Don’t be afraid to alter clothes

Finding someone you can rely on to alter your clothes is a lifesaver. It's an easy way to make clothes fit you like a glove. It’s inexpensive and is a great investment into making sure you will have great fitting pieces for years to come.

2. Petite sections are a lifesaver

For a long time I told myself that petite sections were for older ladies however places like Loft, Ann Taylor and Old Navy all have great petite sections were you can find the same styles but cut for people who are shorter. This makes it easy to find the perfect fit out of classic items without needing to alter them all the time.

3. Embrace the kid's section

 One of the biggest perks in life is sometimes getting to shop in the kids section. Especially for shoes. Converses, Adidas, Nikes all of these brands make similar shoes to their adult's ones for youth or kids and if you are petite with small feet you can often save a fortune by shopping the kids section as the shoes aren’t nearly as expensive

4. Invest in pieces that fit

No matter how much you love something its never going to be worth it if it doesn’t fit right.Whether that means needing to alter it to fit or waiting until you find the perfect item in a petite size, never settle for something that isn’t just right. You won’t wear it as often and you won’t feel as confident in your clothes.

5. Wear whatever trends you want

Size should not determine what you get to wear. It’s all about how things fit. Even the most petite among us can wear maxi dresses, trousers, and many of the other trends people assume are off limits for us.




Embrace being petite as its one of the best ways to really be confident in who you are. At 23 I am just starting to get there and I am sharing the journey at BLOG (Living Life Petite) if you would like to follow along. 



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