Sore boobies [ CHECK !!!! ]
Emotional hot mess [ CHECK !!!! ]
Exhausted [ CHECK !!!! ]
Bloated [ CHECK !!!! ]


Yes, it's that time of the month & we all hate it! With time I have come to know my body and what really works for me to get thru it with the least pain and discomfort. So here I will spill out all the juicy secrets that have helped me.


  1. Bloated?  Don't even get me started with it! I get you it's so uncomfortable, & so not cute. So, let me share with you something that I just discovered that just changed my entire life!!! Drink a cup of warm chamomile! Yes, that simple and it works I promise! Of course, you will still be a bit bloated because it's natural because of all that crazy stuff going inside.


  1. Hydrate!  Keeping your body hydrated, it is so important. During your period your body is already going through some crazy hormonal change and you don't want to make it worse by being dehydrated. So, drink up babe! & plus, I personally feel like it helps me feel more energetic.



  1. Rest! Last but not least. I believe that your body tells you what it needs and when it needs it. With my personal experience, I've learned that by getting rest my body recovers way faster. So, take a beauty nap! 



 Do you have any juicy secrets that might help out a girl during her time of the month?  - LFY