Training with T

" Tatiana Lampa "

 Hey, girlies! I'm so excited to be featuring Tatiana this week on the blog! 

This girl has a passion for fitness & helping others reach their health goals & today she is helping YOU!

 Tatiana will be sharing with us her favorite moves to burn up the calories, tone our booty, arms and get those sexy abs we all want!!!

 1. TUCK JUMPS - Great for the lower abdominal & to get the heart pumping!



2. BURPEES - Targets your entire sexy body! 



3. THRUSTER WITH DUMBELLS - Compound workout great for Shoulders, arms, and legs!



 4. KETTLEBELL SWING - Booty, hamstrings & CALORIE BURNER!



5. V-UPS -  Gives you some Sexy Abs!





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