Two Boston Best Friends


 Any of you girls from Boston??? 👀 

Meet 👩Meredith and 👩Caroline, two best friends from BOSTON! 

I think we can all agree that our fitness journey is always way more fun when we find an accountability partner to share it with. We want to challenge you this week to give a friend a call or your sister and set fitness goals together! ( you can even set goals with your hubby, that's what I do! ) 

LFY: Carbs N' Cardio, what tips do you have for us when scheduling workouts thru out the week?

Carbs N' Cardio: We like to change it up a lot so we don't get bored! We try to go to 2-3 workout classes a week (our favorites are spin, bounce, and boxing), and then hit the gym in between to keep up with consistency. We usually go together to keep ourselves accountable! 


 Carbs N' Cardio 👇

👍 Where did you two meet?

We met our freshman year of college! We ended up joining the same sorority and became fast friends soon after. We have been best friends since then and roommates for the past two years!

👍 Favorite Studio in Boston:

While there are SO many amazing studios in Boston, our overall favorite is Barre Groove. It is a trampoline bounce/barre class, and the combination of the unique workout with fun and encouraging instructors to create the perfect workout environment.  It's definitely a tough workout but the atmosphere makes the time fly and makes working out fun! They also have amazing playlists. 

👍 Top 3 Studios to stop by when visiting Boston:

Other than Barre Groove, we love Handlebar (Spin), Everybody Fights (Boxing), and 305 Fitness (Cardio Dance)

👍 3 Things to take with You On a Studio Workout:

Water bottle,  extra hair ties, and a friend 👩

👍 Favorite Post Work-Out Meal : 

We are obsessed with a local poke restaurant, so we will usually head over there for a bite after a hard workout to reward ourselves! 

👍 You're GO-TO Carb 🍕meal / snack :

Grilled cheese hands down! Meredith always makes the best-grilled cheese with avocado 😋


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