Wake Up to A Productive Day


1. Organize your room before going to sleep.

Yes! It's that simple and it makes a HUGE and I mean HUGE difference when you wake up. Waking up to a clean, fresh room will seriously energizes you to get moving. Oh, here is a little tip, have a candle that you love next to your night stand so when you wake up the next day you can light it up and have a clean room smelling so good!

- Put away any shoes or clothes you might have lying around. You don't want to wake up tripping over your sneakers.

- Make sure your night stand and desk are clean and organized. You don't want to wake up to a desk piled up with bills.


2. Take a couple of minutes to get your mind & body up.


It's normal for your body and mind to be out of it in the morning. But make sure you wake it up the right way. We love this app! This helps your mind slowly wake up and focus for your day. It doesn't have to be a whole hour. Just take 2, 5, or 10 minutes bring your mind to focus. 



3. Make yourself a cup of tea.




There is so many articles of bloggers recommending drinking green tea in the morning, but we are not here to tell you exactly what tea to drink. We just want you to try and drink any tea you desire. The point is for you to intake something healthy for your tummy first thing in the morning. Gotta get the digestive system healthy and happy early in the morning.

 Looking for ideas on what tea to give a try, why not try a ginger lemon tea.


1 Tbsp of grated ginger

1 Tbsp squeeze lemon juice

1 cup of boiling water


 Add everything to the cup of boiling water a let it sit for 3 minutes.

 Enjoy your warm tea!


3. Gratitude Walk



This is seriously my FAV!!!! There isn't anything better than taking a couple of minutes to go out in the morning and take fresh breaths of air. It is just so relaxing and peaceful, you got to give it a try.

So, if you are a bit confused on what a gratitude walk is, it's SIMPLE! First, grab on to your favorite cute sneakers cause duh! you gotta look cute all the time. Now step outside find a trail and go out for at least a 5-minute walk.

While walking start thinking of tiny reasons you are grateful today. For example, aren't you thankful you have clean water to drink and shower, thankful you have food to eat and you have the privilege of choosing when and what to eat. Once you got the ball rolling start DREAMING BIG! Yes, Dream Big and be thankful for your goals as if you have already accomplished them.

Here is how I dream big. "I'm thankful I got to buy my parents a house, I'm thankful I get to travel anywhere I want, I'm thankful Lovely Fit Yoga has helped many girls all over the world.” The idea is to not shy out. It's to bring back that little girl inside of you that believes anything is possible!

By doing a gratitude walk in the mornings it refreshes your mind and your heart. It aligns your heart to a grateful attitude. It aligns your mind with your goals and dreams that nothing can get in the way to distract you.

Ok babe! You are now ready to head out and have a great day because now your heart is armed with a grateful attitude and now nothing can get in your way!!!!

- Lovely Fit Yoga