What does it take to be a GIRL BOSS - Joanna & Grace Park

Love the Park sisters!  Joanna & Grace have an amazing blog where they talk about fitness, beauty & ( as they call it ) " extra fries ".  


LFY:  Coffee or Matcha
J & G:  Matcha 
LFY:  Sunrise or Sunset
Grace: Sunrise, Joanna: Sunset
LFY:  I'm always 5 minutes early or I'm always running late
J & G:  5 Minutes early
LFY:  I can't leave the house without .... 
Grace: Lip balm, Joanna: Phone
LFY:  Regular fries or curly fries? 
J & G:  Regular Fries!


1.  What is your top secret that you would share with any girl out there that is juggling school, work and is trying to live a healthier lifestyle?

We schedule everything! We schedule our workouts like their meetings, so we absolutely can't miss it. We have a shared calendar for our blog, so we never miss a call or event.
Grace is obsessed with her bullet journal and turned Joanna onto it also. Bullet journaling is really great for us because it's customizable for everyone. We put our daily schedules and to-do lists on there.
2. When you think of a "girl boss" how would you describe her?

A girl boss is dedicated, passionate, hard-working, successful, and willing to help others. When we think of girl bosses, we think of the amazing entrepreneurs, content creators, and professionals, who we've been able to reach out to and ask questions. Even with their busy schedule with work and family, they're able to take the time out of their day to help those who are just starting out because they just love what they do.

3. When you first had the idea of creating “Exercise with Extra Fries” did you feel any insecurities? If so, how did you get through them?

We didn't have too many initially because we started Exercise with Extra Fries to just post about our workouts! But as we started blogging and taking this more seriously, we did have some insecurities that our page wouldn't do as well as others. Thankfully, we have each other to talk to. We also realized as we continued creating content, we found our voice more. We still haven't perfected everything, of course. It's always a work in progress!

4. What is your advice to any young girl out there that has dreams of starting out a blog, YouTube channel, or business, that is feeling a bit scared or insecure?

Just do it. Once you start, you'll find your voice and what you're passionate about! You'll learn a lot as you go along. Also don't feel scared about reaching out to other bloggers or Instagrammers. We've gotten so much advice and help from others, even really big bloggers!

5. Last but not least! What do you love about “Exercise with Extra Fries”?

We LOVE to work with each other. Exercise with Extra Fries has brought us so much closer together. Before we started our blog and Instagram, we had so few photos together. Now we rarely have a photo alone! It's really fun working with your sister and best friend daily.